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A little more about me — I’m DJ, a 31-year-old journalist and Colorado native now living in South Florida who just moved back to Denver after five years in Florida.

img_7335I adopted Paxton in March 2017 and almost immediately stopped eating pork.

I soon realized I didn’t want to consume meat at all and set a goal for myself to stop eating meat and cut back drastically on all animal products for six weeks to see how I felt. I began doing a lot of research through books, documentaries and podcasts, and after holding my head in the sand for so many years, I finally educated myself on the meat and dairy industries, speciesism and the ways money and politics shape the products we consume — even the food pyramid!

Out of all this, a girl & her pig was born.

This is my very reaI journey into living a plant-based life with the intention of someday becoming vegan. My stories and experiences are true, I’ll share my successes and failures, and I’ll try to make you laugh along the way.

Paxton will be a big part of my blog. I want you to get to know him and his big personality. I welcome questions, feedback and suggestions as well as comic relief and bottles of wine vodka (I now know a lot of wine and beer is made using animal products) because, hey, this shit is not easy!



About Paxton

img_4800Paxton James was born in February 2017. I named him after Bill Paxton who died just before I got him (I fell in love with Bill Paxton in the movie Twister, I cannot not watch that movie when it’s on TV). He weighs 55 70 pounds, will do anything for food and loves to snuggle on the couch. No, I don’t know how big he will get, and I don’t really care!

He knows how to sit and spin. He absolutely loves carrots, apples and watermelon and rolling in the mud.

He’s a regular at the Stuart Sandbar where he digs for seed pods and gets his snout dirty.

I realized pretty quick that he can communicate through the noises he makes. He grinds his teeth when he’s content, especially during belly rubs. He screams when he’s scared, makes a low grunting noise when he’s curious and sounds like a monkey when he wants attention or to play. When Paxton is mad he pouts or he makes really loud grunting noises to make it known he’s annoyed about something. If he wants scratches, he’ll nudge you until he gets them.

And he gives kisses. Usually, just to me (his mama), we have the closest bond. He pushes his snout right up to my lips.


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