Piggy bath time got an upgrade

I’ve shared about bath time before (here) and bragged about my bright idea to smear peanut butter on the side of the tub to occupy the boys while I wash them.

Well, someone decided to make a thing to put said peanut butter in and suction to the tub.

Way easier.

And why didn’t I come up with this first? It’s called a slow-treater from Aquapaw but there are several versions you can buy.

I should mention, bathtime isn’t all fun and games — but would you expect any less with these two goofballs?

  1. Pax is great at pulling his slow-treater off the wall and gulping the peanut butter down in a few bites.
  2. In true Pax fashion, he then goes after his brother’s peanut butter.
  3. So I take Cooper’s slow-treater and put it out of reach, finish washing Pax while Cooper looks at me with sad eyes.
  4. Then I get Paxton out of the shower, give Cooper back his slow-treater and wash him.
  5. Cooper, or “the good one” as I call him, eats pretty slow so I have time to wash and dry using his pig towel from dog cousin Tris.
  6. Seriously, Cooper will not budge until the peanut butter is gone, so he stands in the shower with a towel like this:

And because pigs are so smart, they think whenever I take a bath or shower, I get peanut butter, too. So they stand by the bath and watch me. Sometimes Cooper will even push his way into the shower.

It looks a little something like this …

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