If you give a pig a bath …

Bath time with two pigs is kind of like bath time with a hurricane. The only difference is there’s squirming, screaming and squealing.

Paxton and Cooper LOVE to play in the dirt so they need a weekly bath.

But we’re lucky if we get the boys in a bath every other week — er, month.

But I’ve found a way to make bath time a Category 1 rather than a Cat. 5.

Peanut butter.

I guess it’s more like peanut butter smeared on the side of the tub.

I smear a bit on each end of the tub, plop both boys in front of their smear, roll up my pants and sit on the side.

It works like a charm unless one finishes his peanut butter before bath time is over, one realizes the other has more peanut butter (geeze, mom), I dump too much water on their face and interrupt the peanut butter eating, or if bath time ends before they finish eating the peanut butter and they insist on standing in an empty tub until every last bit is gone (pictured above).

And by the time bath time is over, their faces are completely covered in peanut butter and I have to wipe their faces before I pull them out of the tub. It’s usually about this time one or both is throwing a piggy tantrum. Yes that’s a thing.

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After Micheal and I do our best to dry them (he’s better at it) Cooper finds the nearest blanket to burrow in. Meanwhile, Pax runs around the house rubbing up against furniture to dry himself — which I should mention, looks like he’s twerking.

[Video: What life is really like with two pigs]

More tips

  • Be careful not to get water in their ears
  • They don’t mind water in their face if it’s poured slowly
  • Their hooves slip, use a mat or I use my feet as support behind their back feet when I scrub them
  • Wash their hooves
  • The soap I use was recommended by my vet (pictured)

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