First veggie Thanksgiving: The good & the bad

I’ll make this short and sweet because I don’t want to dwell.

My first Thanksgiving since giving up meat was tougher than I anticipated.

I went to a Friendsgiving last week and when I saw the turkey, I was excited to eat it for a split second. Then I remembered, “oh hey, I don’t eat dead animals anymore” and suddenly I felt really left out.This led to feelings of anxiety (something I deal with regularly) and then I was pretty bummed out. So I poured a glass of wine and sat at the table solo and started coloring. (There were cool placemats to color so stop judging me). I was soon joined by a 4-year-old … and eventually several other adults, because coloring is cool, people.

I spent the next few days thinking about that experience and how I could avoid those same feelings on the real holiday.I chatted with some veggie friends about their plans and then I stumbled upon a veggie pot pie recipe from Thug Kitchen. I was sold after reading this:


I prepped these suckers the night before and was so excited to try them for dinner I wasn’t even thinking about that (poor) dead bird on the table.

MORE: These pigs inspired their families to stop eating meat

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