Let’s talk about speciesism

Paxton and Casey are both my babies — Cooper, too (not pictured).

So why is it OK to eat one and not the other?

People ask me about eating Pax all the time by the way …


In the U.S., we value the lives of cats and dogs but not of pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys, deer, elk, rabbit, buffalo, fish and so many more animals.

But why?

Cats are assholes, you know it’s true. But you’ll face some hefty punishments and probably be classified as a future serial killer if you abuse one in the slightest.

Meanwhile, beating, skinning and boiling other live animals is totally OK.


I’m writing about this because up until about three months ago, the concept was pretty foreign to me, and my guess is it’s new to you, too.

(You can dig a little deeper on the subject and some background here.)

That’s a pretty basic look at speciesism. If you want to go further, the Vegan Warrior Princesses do a great job of that in this podcast and discuss whether keeping pets, horseback riding and breeding programs, among other things, are speciesist.

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