Why I stopped eating meat (hint: cute pig involved)

It’s been 12 weeks since I’ve eaten meat.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned is having “a reason why” is what gets me through the tough days.

I’m a life-long meat eater.

I grew up on burgers, have been known to devour an entire T-bone steak in one sitting and in an attempt to build lean muscle, found myself eating poultry sometimes three times a day.

img_0426Then one day I became a mom to a piglet named Paxton and that eventually became my reason why.

I quit eating pork almost immediately.

Then I started watching documentaries and reading books about our meat and dairy industries.

This wasn’t my first experience with the topics. I read a book when I was 23 that quickly got me off cow’s milk.

Pretty soon it just clicked. I needed to quit all meat.

It happened overnight. I had my boyfriend finish what was left in the fridge (I don’t like wasting food) and that was it, I was no longer a meat eater.

For some people, it’s for health reasons or the environment. For me, it’s about the animals.

I can no longer eat meat knowing an animal was mistreated, inhumanly killed and probably bread specifically for my meal. I’ll spare you horrible details, go check out the documentaries in my about me section if you want to know more.

When I go out with friends and everyone is eating steak or I walk into the grocery store and smell fried chicken is when I remind myself of my reason why I chose this lifestyle.

And then I remind myself of all the amazing things I choose to eat (buffalo cauliflower!) and I soon forget about the deep-fried body parts (sorry, truth!) I was once addicted to.

Once I made the connection that what was on my plate was once a living, breathing being that could feel pain and was capable of emotion, I just couldn’t do it anymore. It’s no longer a steak, it’s a cow. It’s not pork, it’s a pig that is as smart as a human toddler, loves to snuggle and has favorite foods.

Find your reason.

Do it.


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