These foods contain animal products and it’s blowing my mind

Blogger’s Note: I’m no expert (but one day I will be). I’m simply bringing you along on my journey to live a plant-based life.


I now spend half my day looking at food labels and I’m convinced the world is forcing us to eat animals in one way or another.

I learned the hard way that these simple foods in my house either contain or were made using animal parts (think bones or skin) or products (think milk).

I know it’s not the same as taking a bite of steak, chicken or pork but my goal is to limit my contribution to the demand of animals for human consumption.

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Tater tots

This was a devastating blow. The three bags in my freezer (don’t judge me, one was sweet potato tots, one cauliflower tots) all contained whey.

Candy corn pumpkinsimg_9381

My fall guilty pleasure contains gelatin, damn you Brach’s.



OK, I overreacted, there are plenty of vegan wines but according to Barnivore, Barefoot Wine (among so many others) is not. Emails from the company say, “ … gelatin and proteins from animal or fish products and milk or eggs have been used in winemaking for centuries.

Also not vegan, Apothic red and white, and all but one kind of Ménage à Trois, These are my two favorites so I’m not freaking out or anything.

Beer, while we’re at it, is sometimes made with fish bladders. Gross.

Peta says these are safe.


So much for a simple glass of O.J. A lot of juice is filtered using animal ingredients.


I don’t eat bagels unless I’m trying to cure a hangover from my (animal product filled) wine and (fish bladder) beer I’ve been drinking for 10 years, but if I did …

I found this gem of a story on  Eat This Not That and I had to share:

“Here’s what it takes to make a plain bagel: flour, water, salt, yeast. Unless you’re a popular bagel chain. Then you throw in some duck and chicken feathers.”

Chicken feathers? Gross, and not cool for chickens.


Well, Planter’s Dry Roast at least. Why is there gelatin in peanuts? They are effing peanuts.

peanuts and gelitin

Worcestershire Sauce: anchovies
Canned vegetable soups: beef stock
Sugar: bone char

I could keep going but my point is this: animal products are everywhere.

I know it’s unrealistic for me and my lifestyle to cut out animal products 100 percent but what is realistic is for me to start paying attention and choose plant-based foods and drinks instead.

Just think, if we all did this big companies would have no choice but to change the ingredients they use. Supply and demand, people.

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Hidden terms:

A few at least, there are a lot.

Isinglass: a semitransparent whitish very pure gelatin prepared from the air bladders of fishes (such as sturgeons) and used especially as a clarifying agent and in jellies and glue

Gelatin: glutinous material obtained from animal tissues by boiling

Casein: a phosphoprotein of milk

Cochineal: a red dye consisting of the dried bodies of female cochineal insects

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